Trading Motivation and the Desire to Succeed

Trading motivation is funny thing. On the surface it seems to come and go in it’s own terms.

How do you stay motivated? What is the reason why you want to be a successful trader?

Are you motivated to move toward something you want or is your motivation to move away from something you don’t want?

Both styles work, the key is using it on purpose.

In this week’s edition of the Breakthrough Trading podcast we ask the question: “How bad do ya want it?” Let’s see what ya got…

Motivation Strategies

We discuss techniques from Anthony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Napoleon Hill and even Tiger Woods. If you enjoy this podcast click here to download a 5 part audio program on peak performance.

After you listen to the podcast, please leave your comments below so we can start a healthy discussion about motivation, habits and the pursuit of high performance.


Pete Renzulli

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